Handling probate can be an intimidating responsibility that can get thrust upon someone unexpectedly. There are a lot of details that need to be handled with care, and if you aren’t careful, you can create quite the mess. If you’ve been handed probate in Florida, then Simple-Probate is an option for you located in the Orlando area. With our help, you can get expert advice and counsel on all things related to probate, homesteads, and estate administration. Don’t let the stress of managing probate responsibilities consume your life and work with our experts to ensure you have the easiest possible time with these tasks. To start, though, it’s a good idea to get some basics on what these things are so that you can be better prepared to go into probate with confidence.


All the Basics Regarding Estate Administration

When a person dies, everything they own, from their home to their stocks, becomes a part of their estate. Administration of a person’s estate is the process of collecting and managing their estate by distributing their property to the heirs of the estate while also making any necessary debt or tax payments left behind. Typically, you’ll have the deceased’s will to consult when it comes to distributing their estate, but if they died without a will (known as intestacy), there are different laws per state that dictate what needs to be done.


You’ll generally want to begin by researching any state laws that will apply to your circumstances. Many states have made the process much easier, but you may still face complications. Working with probate experts, such as a probate lawyer, can help you navigate this field with far more clarity and gain a greater understanding of what needs to be done when managing the estate.


What You Need to Know About the Homestead

The homestead is essentially the home of the deceased individual. This is another aspect that is considered a part of their estate, but there are a few things that make the homestead more complex than other kinds of property. There are ultimately different laws in each state regarding how the homestead is handled during probate, but the main thing to recognize is that laws exist to protect the spouse and/or children of the deceased (if there are either) in regards to retaining their home. Let’s say the deceased has debts or taxes that must be paid, but don’t have the funds to afford those payments. These payments will ultimately need to come from the property of the estate, but the homestead is protected to some degree to prevent a creditor from kicking out a spouse or children from their home in the event those additional funds are needed.


To Handle Probate in Florida, Contact Us

If you’re now responsible for handling probate in Florida, there still may be more questions you have about the process, estate administration, homesteads, or you may want to hire a probate lawyer to help you with managing the estate. For probate help in Orlando, FL, contact us at Simple-Probate to get the help you need at making these tasks as seamless and simple as possible.