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Probate is defined as the “official proving of a will” and/or “establish the validity of a will.” A more general definition of probate can be seen as the process of transferring the ownership of assets, paying off debts, and finalizing the legal affairs of a deceased individual. The probate court, or the registry of wills, functions as the legal authority who deals with the affairs of the deceased. Due to the fact that a lot of people pass without leaving a will, the probate court will also encompass those cases. Dying without a will is called Intestate, and state law stipulates how the assets (after debts and taxes incurred) are distributed. The death of a loved one is never an easy thing to process, and through this difficult time the probate process shouldn’t have to add more anxiety and frustration to your family. At Simple Probate, we empower our clients to work through the probate process quickly and with minimal cost. The cost of probate shouldn’t have to be an added strain on your family when a death occurs. Contact Simple Probate today in Orlando to find out more.

How it Works


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Securely register your account and signup for our service. Once you’ve completed the next three setups you’ll have a complete set of your Ready-To-File Court Documents, along with instructions on how to file. Don’t worry about errors – you can go back and make all the changes even after filed the petition.


Answer Some Questions

Provide the required information so the ready-to-file court documents can be created. We understand this is a difficult time for you, just answer all the questions the best you can. Lastly, you will need the original last will and testament, if there is one, the death certificate, and the paid in full funeral bill.

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Create Your Documents

Once you’ve answered all the questions, all the necessary ready-to-file probate court documents can be created. Once created, we will review the petition to make sure everything is filled out correctly. If required, we will contact you and let you know what adjustments or corrections are needed and review it with you until it’s correct and complete.


Send the Petition to a Probate Court

Final Step

Send the Petition to the Probate Court

The last steps are to sign and send the final copy of the Petition to the Probate Court.

Don’t forget to include the Original Last Will & Testament, Death Certificate, and the Paid in Full Funeral Bill.


Our Services Are Easy And Affordable


The ultimate goal here at Simple Probate is to provide you with the best resources and instruction so that you are able to file probate court documents on your own with little hassle. If you are in need of legal advice, then you can pay specifically for this counsel, not for the hours that an attorney spends filling out court forms. This is why our services are:


You can save thousands of dollars by avoiding costly attorney fees with our trusted services that cater to exactly what you need, transparency, with no hidden fees or costs


Instantly create the necessary probate court forms online, on your schedule, when you’re ready.


Many of the forms can be completed from your mobile device or home computer and completed online


Simple Probate is available via email and phone. Help is only a click away!

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The cost of Probate shouldn’t be an added strain on your family after a loved one passes. Call Simple Probate in Orlando to find out more about our affordable services today.