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Stressing about the cost of a probate lawyer? Do away with legal fees and visit Simple-Probate. We’ve helped many clients throughout Central Florida get through the difficult and often confusing process of settling your deceased loved one’s affairs. See how we’ve made the probate process a much easier challenge to tackle!

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Many of our clients have been able to get through the probate process without help from a lawyer! We provide a variety of services that make dealing with the final affairs go by much more quickly and easily. Sometimes a family needs help cleaning and selling the deceased one’s home. Sometimes mediation is needed between arguing family members. Sometimes taxes, mortgage payments, and upkeep costs are eating away your funds. The Simple-Probate, unique online system that allows you to create all the court ready documents, will help lift these burdens off your shoulders, empowering our clients to work through the probate process quickly and with minimal cost.

If you’ve had a positive experience working with us, we’d love to hear your feedback. We are not only looking to ensure that we’ve done our job well, we also want to know where to improve. What part of the experience made you place your trust in us. Share your experience and leave us a review!

If you’re currently in need of probate help, we welcome you to walk through not only our How It Works page, but also the stories and successes with our previous clients so that you hear from them– not us– how effective our services can be. Check out our reviews!

You Don’t Need a Probate Lawyer— Just Simple-Probate!

Settling the affairs of a recently-deceased loved one can be a lengthy, difficult, and most often expensive process. But it doesn’t have to be. As many of our clients at Simple-Probate have found, you don’t actually need a lawyer to help you settle the affairs and appearing in court. Most of the time, it can all be done by you, on your own, and much of it Simple-Probate can help you out with for a simple (affordable) price. And if you do end up paying legal fees, you won’t pay extensive ones. Pay for the session of legal counsel and nothing beyond. Many who make the mistake of relying on a probate attorney for every aspect of the probate process end up also paying for hours and hours spent filling out court forms, when in reality this is something they could do much on their own. We’ve done the research and work for you.

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If you’ve had a positive experience with Simple-Probate, we’d love for you to share your story with us. We believe that the process of grieving a loved one shouldn’t be complicated and strained by a taxing probate process. That’s why, whatever you need, we’ve got your back. After sitting down and explaining their situation, many in Orlando have turned to us, instead of a probate lawyer to sort out their affairs quickly for minimal cost. Leave us a review or call us  to figure out the plan that makes sense for you!